Discover  #TheOtherFaceOfParkinson’s

April's 11, World Parkinson's Day

It is the time to discover the other face of Parkinson’s

A more real, more human one that will break stereotypes and help change the perception of our disease. Discover the new campaign of the Spanish Parkinson’s Federation to celebrate World Parkinson’s Day.

Join #TheOtherFaceOfParkinson’s!

On April 11th, share a video of your story of living with Parkinson's on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheOtherFaceOfParkinson’s!

The campaign stories

Gladys, Antonio, Marta and Baudilia’s stories are the protagonists of our proposal for this World Parkinson's Day 2022. Their testimony shows the reality of experiences, symptoms and chalenges faced by people with Parkinson’s and their families, which are much more diverse that society still thinks.

Events calendar

Discover the World Parkinson’s Day events organised by local Parkinson’s disease associations all over Spain.


#TheOtherFaceOfParkinson’s partners

The Spanish Parkinson’s Federation has created this campaign with the collaboration of: